"Oh This Year We're Off To Sunny Spain..."
23rd July 2014

Don't panic, despite the title of this newsletter you can be reassured that this is not the name of Kate's latest song, nor has she started singing 1970's Karaoke hits for a living (strict rules dictate that such activity is only permitted at home, under the shower!).

However, Kate is off to Spain and invites you to join her:

as one of a team of some of the world's finest country musicians leading workshops in banjo, fiddle, guitar and voice - Kate is again leading this inspiring music retreat.

From 27 September to 4 October you can join Dave Bing, Alice Gerrard, Beverly Smith, Kate Lissauer, Joff Lowson, John Grimm and John Whelan at:

LA FUENTE DE MUSICA for our next "Old Time Country Music Week"

Join us for a week in  Andalucia in the stunning foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. This specialist not-for-profit holiday offers you the chance to be part of a wonderful intimate gathering with the opportunity to learn from inspiring teachers and professionals whilst making new friends and, if you fancy it, taking a dip in the solar-heated pool.

With plenty of social activities,good food,free time for exploring, walking, rock climbing, sightseeing or just relaxing, the La Fuente De Musica is located in a remote self-contained house (or you can camp if you prefer).

It is a wonderful, supportive time - a week of learning and encouraging each other, together: our glorious week culminates in a showcase performance - and, of course, more good food and laughter.

Price (excluding travel) including all amenities,food etc. is £595 for adults,£275 for children (slightly lower for campers, but we'll provide tents and bedding). We are an hour's drive north of Almeria and happy to advise and assist with your travel. 

If you're interested then contact kate@katelissauer.com or for pictures and a flavour of this glorious week go to the 'media gallery' page and select 'La Fuente de Musica' button on this website.

COMING SOON  .  .  .

If you can't manage to join us in Spain then Kate, as always, will be on the road in the autumn; look our for her in Dorset in November and in London in December as well as heading up our favourite old time country band - Buffalo Gals - by courtesy of rural touring organisations  Live & Local who have arranged gigs for Kate and the band in Bretforton, Moreton Outwoods & Bromstead,Tansley and Breadsall